The Higher Self

An enigma to many in the spiritual community, the term "higher self" has often been lost in a cloud of thought and philosophy. My aim in this short article is to give a practical, down to earth explanation of what your higher self is and how to experience it to enhance your life.

A simple way to consider the idea of a higher self is to look at how you function when you are at your best. How are your mind and body operating when you are doing something you love? Athletes call this being "in the zone"? What are the differences between your mind at these times and your mind when you're watching television or checking your email?

You probably notice a lot of differences in your mood and even physical body when you are deeply engaged in doing what you love. In the same way, your higher selves are still you, they are not separate in the sense of being someone other than you; unless you want them to be. Think of it like a skin you slide in and out of: It is still your skin, but you can shed it and view it from afar at times. Only in the case of your higher self, the "skin" is a state of consciousness.

Your higher self is a state of consciousness. Anything that raises your clarity, awareness, and joy will lead you to your higher selves. The keyword here is joy. Higher selves operate in lofty states of consciousness full of happiness, wisdom, love, peace, and abundance of all types. Anyone walking around in a state of dullness and depression can know for certain they are not connected to higher consciousness in that moment.

Meditation is one of the most obvious ways to experience your higher self. Bringing some peace into the mind so that it can relax and naturally brighten will take you along the path. Exercise is another very simple way to naturally raise your vibration. Walking is a great exercise that has been studied extensively and creates a plethora of positive change in the body and mind. Yoga is a fantastic exercise that combines physical movement with mindfulness; meditation is motion.

There are multiple higher selves just as there are multiple heightened states of awareness. As you continue to rise in awareness and clarity, different energies and emotional states will meet you along your way, each more refined than the last. Think of these as your various higher selves. They are indeed aspects of you, but each with distinct characteristics and ability sets.

As you can see, to experience your higher self you have to be healthy, or at the very least mentally healthy. A sick body can still experience heightened states of consciousness, it just takes a bit more patience and practice. At Still Star Meditation I will work with you privately to guide you gently towards your higher selves so you can benefit from the immense pleasure and healing they provide

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